Friday, May 18, 2012

Photos of 2nd Mobile Home Remodel: New ceiling

The wall that was done in the beginning in Nov 09
 The ceiling damage from snow.
Replacing floor.

Ceiling down! I love my family,such hard workers it was over 100 degrees in the mobile home.
New Ceiling


Blanca Guerra said...

look easy need help

Blanca Guerra said...

well it looks easy but never done anything like that first time that i am gonna live in a moble home

Nancy Watson said...

Where did you get your cabinets?
Great project - am doing one myself at the moment - a 1968 Lamplighter MH. Instead of removing all the old 2x2 studs, attached (glued and screwed) another 2x2 to the existing for extra strength. Replaced all windows, and put down 1/2" plywood on top of the 5/8" plywood already on the floor. Makes the interior more sturdy, the windows and doors are fitting tighter, and the ceiling joists also strengthened. Wow, what a project!

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