Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Welcome to my blog

Hi i am new to this--as you can tell lol
I love to share the projects my husband and I get into--we always have something going on--we love to remodel, fix problems, create storage ideas and explore my creative side.
I started this blog to tell of our adventures and many of the projects we do others can do for themselves and I am the visionary of our group and can look at a project or house and figure out the fix to a problem or how to make it more livable/usable.
We are self taught jack of all trades--by experience, by necessity and by the internet we became professional DIY ers. We started out by using contractors for our projects and found out very fast that we can do as bad a job as they do for 1/4 the price lol. We experimented with our house --we took our 16 x 50 deck that we never used and made it into 4 rooms we now use daily--a family room off of the kitchen,a master bedroom(we took our master bedroom and made it into a master bathroom,future blog) an office and a playroom for my daycare facility. I will share all of the things we have done in the past few years in future blogs--I have to find all of the photos and search my memory-- it could be a long journey.
We expanded our love of remodeling--we actually ran out of house to redo--- to buying rental property and making some handyman specials into the nicest house on the block--we have 7 rental houses--1 weekend retreat(our latest project)--3 vacation rental--well want to be,we have some things to do to them,soon---2 big houses going on the market for sale--need to get them ready to sale.. and we both work full time jobs,have 2 kids--both in lots of after school and weekend events--we do have a handyman but there are times I wonder how handy he is but he does help take the load off some--we do our projects as we allot time and money for them and do take time off between projects--we currently have stopped the projects for a little while as my hubby messed up his rotator cuff and goes under the knife on Monday--the next project--besides getting the houses ready to sell--is a 2 story 2/2 bedroom apartments--we have the gutted and ready to go---new everything lol--this maybe an adventure,as I have a very tight budget--they will be very basic--if my estimates are too high I will let it set and forget about it--I will keep you updated--I hate to abandon the idea due to it would make $800 a month and it worthless as it is lol--I may try for a construction loan??