Tuesday, May 31, 2011

June 2011--Back to blog

Hello! I have been gone for a LONG time. We have worked on the mobile home for many weeks of my husbands vacations. The first week was in January--what were we thinking lol--the coldest winter ever. We decided to work on the yellow mobile home first so that it would be totally done by August. The plan was at first to just fix what was needed--well everything--so it was faster and easier to just gut everything. So glad we went this direction, we found tons of bad things that we would not have found and we could rewire everything,replace all the joist,parts of walls,all the floors,all the insulation and ceiling,new roof, new windows,French Doors, plus much more......

We--let me clarify,my family my husband,me,my daughter 18 and my son 13--my children are wonderful and jump into a project with us,even when they could be doing something with friends and miss activities when we are doing a project. My kids can paint,wire a house, use tools,plumbing do drywall......there is no task too hard for them. My son can build a house. I forget how much they help us,sorry kids!!!

We worked every weekend and in July --my hubby get 8 weeks vacation --I know there was another week but forget when, but the month of July we hit the mh hard and worked sun up to sun down and made allot of progress but we did squeeze in a few days off for a vacation :)

The next few post will be many photos, I hope I remeber the correct order--I should have blogged as we did it but enjoy our mobile home project.