Saturday, May 19, 2012

My House from Master Bedroom to Master Bath

I am sharing some of our old projects we have done to our home. We had our master bedroom beside our bathroom upstairs. We added on to our house by taking a large deck 16 x50 and adding a roof and walls/windows. We had a large room on the other side of the wall from our master bedroom and we added a French door to this room so it became our master bedroom and the current master bedroom became a large bathroom. All the plumbing was next to each other so it was a fast addition. With 2 kids,one becoming a teen, the 2 baths on the main floor has been a wonderful thing! We took a closet in the lower level and made it into a shower at the same time due to having a plumber. So we ended up with 3 bathrooms in one Good Friday Weekend. I hope to find photos of this project too!

Here is an album of all the photos

Look how young Zac is,he is 15 now! 2004 Was the closet.
Now the vanity/toilet area
Bedroom during
After, you can see the door to new master bedroom
Future shower, we love it!

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