Saturday, May 19, 2012

My House: New Kitchen

Ok we were crazy but we ordered our new kitchen cabinets and had a one week wait so.. we did the new master bathroom and laid a new tile floor in the kitchen and new electric so we were ready when the cabinets arrived. Of course Brian was on a 2 week vacation, so we worked morning to late at night to get done.  There some changes from the album as of 2012. I have new stainless steel appliances and oak hard wood floors in kitchen,well thru out the house. I hated the ceramic tiles in the kitchen,if they got wet they were supper slippery. They meet the sledge hammer last year and I love my hard wood floor in the kitchen.Very easy to keep clean and looks great and not slippery when wet! Will update when I can find my camera lol it is at our new project location.
Here is the album
Kitchen when we moved in 1992.
My low budget make over,paint,bar and wreaths.
New Kitchen

My House from Master Bedroom to Master Bath

I am sharing some of our old projects we have done to our home. We had our master bedroom beside our bathroom upstairs. We added on to our house by taking a large deck 16 x50 and adding a roof and walls/windows. We had a large room on the other side of the wall from our master bedroom and we added a French door to this room so it became our master bedroom and the current master bedroom became a large bathroom. All the plumbing was next to each other so it was a fast addition. With 2 kids,one becoming a teen, the 2 baths on the main floor has been a wonderful thing! We took a closet in the lower level and made it into a shower at the same time due to having a plumber. So we ended up with 3 bathrooms in one Good Friday Weekend. I hope to find photos of this project too!

Here is an album of all the photos

Look how young Zac is,he is 15 now! 2004 Was the closet.
Now the vanity/toilet area
Bedroom during
After, you can see the door to new master bedroom
Future shower, we love it!

Covering the Plumbing in the Kitchen

A custom cabinet built to cover the plumbing in the kitchen and we had a corner that needed to be usable space.  With storage space in big demand we went with a corner cabinet.  I designed it and Brian and Zac made it become real.  We stained it to match the rest of the store bought cabinets. It is shocking what 2x4's,1x4,lauan plywood and left over OSB board can make. The cost was low due to most was left over material, I know it was under $ 40.
Where the plumbing coming thru the wall
The frame

Mobile Home Plumbing inside vs under the MH

Mobile homes plumbing usually runs under the mobile home beside the heat vent runs. Well the previous owners took out the furnace and we removed the nasty painted cardboard vents when all of the floors were replaced.  If you have an older MH --ours was 1973-- I highly recommend getting new duct work if you have a furnace, replace with metal or the insulated flex tube. Both MH's duct work was open at both ends where it had become un-stapled so it was heating/ac under the MH not the MH,  plus the things that had made homes in it...
OK back to plumbing... we ran the main water line into the MH then ran all of the plumbing inside the home. We did this for many reasons. Easy maintenance--we live 3 hours away. Sometimes in a MH you do not know you have a water leek until you get the high water bill. Finding the leek involves crawling under the MH and opening up the material /insulation until you find the leek. Not with the lines run inside the MH.  Our daughter was living their and she could fix a leak with just a few basic supplies. Winter--no frozen lines.  Plus if we want to add to the plumbing it will be easy to do. In the photos you can see the plumbing lines especially in the bath but this will be boxed in with a cover or we are building custom storage areas. In the kitchen we built a corner cabinet that covers all that you see in the photos.
Main Water Line enters MH

From Hot Water Tank to bathroom
Under sink

To shower/kitchen
Bathtub to kitchen goes down wall to washer
From bathroom to kitchen,will be covered by custom cabinet

Friday, May 18, 2012

Inside drywall

Messy Living Room
Back bedroom
Front Bedroom

New walls,windows,door,smart siding

Replaced all the 1 x2 's with 2x4

Now we have to stop and move inside to work on electric as our vacation is running away from us and we need electric.

Photos of 2nd Mobile Home Remodel: New ceiling

The wall that was done in the beginning in Nov 09
 The ceiling damage from snow.
Replacing floor.

Ceiling down! I love my family,such hard workers it was over 100 degrees in the mobile home.
New Ceiling