Friday, May 18, 2012

Our 2nd Mobile Home Make Over

Our essay for '' What I did on Summer Break 2011" would go like this...
     We started work on the 2 nd mobile home on the lot beside our daughters(dd) Mobile Home(MH). We had originally in Nov 2009!!! Started on this MH. We had replaced almost half of the floor completely and gutted it but stopped to start work on our dd house. Good thing we did as it took until the time college started to finish her MH.  The 2nd MH got snow damage to the roof as the winter of 2010-- the area got over 4 feet of snow and we had removed the interior walls and as a result the back ceiling collapsed.  We had to finish replacing the rest of the floor before we could fix the ceiling.  Well fixing it was the plan... the result of all the weight on the ceiling was... it had damage 75% of the ceiling.  We choose to replace all of the ceiling with new 2x4x12 boards with the ends angled for the slop of the roof--- remember--we put a total new roof over the MH with it's own support so the MH ceiling will never get wet,well I hope. I am so glad we did as we can now put regular dry wall on the ceiling! Yea!  This took a day more than the planed time and the cost was not much  @ $200.   
       Next was new windows and doors,well the MH was made with 1x2. Do you know how hard it is to re-frame for new windows with 1x2--what were they thinking?? A 2 x4 is not that much more$$ that is what we did. We replaced all of the walls,yea we are crazy!! lol  It was so much easier to do all the walls this way and since this will be a rental and we live 3 hours away!!! The MH ended up being a total new home.  The outside is Smart Siding.
      We stopped working on the outside and ran all of the electric and plumbing.  We ran out of vacation time but on weekends we insulated, dry walled, painted(A big Thanks to my dd boyfriend Phil for helping me paint).  Winter 2012 set in so we still have work to do with my husbands work schedule we have not been able to get back to work on the MH. SO it will be my husband next vacation 2012 to finish it up. We need to put up trim--already painted. Finish install of kitchen and bath,install flooring thru out MH. Then do the underpinning and cover the top from MH to new roof and add all the detail trim and paint. I am keeping the base color of the MH close to the color it is,but the trim?? Black.Country red?green/White???
     I can not wait to get it done, I hate to have this on my mind.  PLUS  I put all the materials on my Lowes card,thinking" Oh the rent I can pay it off in no time" ....Well the $175 payment a month and no rent is not fun.  ;(
Next, will be some photos if I can figure out how post the again it has been so long since I have blogged.

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jeremy said...

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