Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Inside MH 2 future rental

I guess I did not take photos of the bad things and hard to take photos of the soft floors and all the leaking roof areas--so the mh just looks ugly lol and the windows are new but they did not replace the damage done by the old windows and did not caulk the windows correctly.
Here is the complete photo album.

Inside Mobile Home 1 Before

It would take me all day to load all of the photos of the before so here is an album to see all the photos of the before I took.


Honey, Are you CRAZY!!

I love my wonderful Husband and he rarely tells me NO but......I think he was thinking it and in after thought after the last few months in this adventure.....maybe...he was right..but don't tell him lol

Photos of Mobile homes

Mobile homes where we bought them in Nov 2009. They need lots of work!

Total Mobile Home Remodel

This adventure started when I was surfing the web--I found a property with a house and 2 mobile homes(mh) on the same property. In the town our dd was going to college at but 3 hours away,i know were all of our free time will be spent in the future. The MH's need some work and the house needed a few things done to it. The last owners or their handyman--who stopped and want to work for us--favorite way of fixing something was spray foam it--they went through cases of it lol. In our walk through the realtor said the MH's were rented with in the year--but low rent for them due to condition--this area rent runs in the high area compared to our area we live in--our dd wanted out of the dorms so we were interested in the mh for her and renting the other mh and house for her expenses. We looked into replacing one of the mh with a newer model, but was told the zoning laws would not allow it--the current ones 1973 models were grandfathered in zoning. We found out later not everything our realtor told us was true and many things she did not tell us--when buying a house in an area you are not familiar with--call the zoning/code office yourself and talk to the neighbors--none of them are getting paid for the sale of the house--let's say we were mislead in areas.