Saturday, May 19, 2012

Covering the Plumbing in the Kitchen

A custom cabinet built to cover the plumbing in the kitchen and we had a corner that needed to be usable space.  With storage space in big demand we went with a corner cabinet.  I designed it and Brian and Zac made it become real.  We stained it to match the rest of the store bought cabinets. It is shocking what 2x4's,1x4,lauan plywood and left over OSB board can make. The cost was low due to most was left over material, I know it was under $ 40.
Where the plumbing coming thru the wall
The frame


Wolf Teacher said...


Is the Smartside still holding up well?

Thank you,

DCDiva said...

Yes The Smart siding is as good as new. We ran out of time to paint the other mobile home so we left it the tan color it comes from the store. It has held up through a few hard winters. I am updating the blog this week, so look for some new projects and our current project. Thanks for visiting!!