Saturday, June 25, 2011

The New Roofs over the MH's

I have a lazy Saturday to add to my blog,next weekend we start a vacation lol well we start on the other mobile home beside the one we finished--will blog as I go with that one lol. The roof on the mh gave me the most worries as I was not sure if they would work,and no one had any answers or examples. We had thought about adding a new metal roof directly to the mh,but in this location there is a heavy snow load--4 ft the winter we worked on them. My fear was roof collapes---you will see later what happened to the other mh... Plus I did not want my dd shoving off the roof in the middle of the winter. Plus in the future we might add on to the mh and it is much easier with the design we used--it is a one bedroom and if we rent it out it might have to be 2 bedroom. The photos tell it all if any ?'s just ask.

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