Monday, June 6, 2011

New Doors and windows

The old windows were new mobile home windows,not very old but not installed correctly and let in a lot of cold air. After we installed the new windows a huge difference in heating the MH. The plywood is up due to us removing the door to install the one piece tub.

After windows and doors installed. We still have the outside to do,new smart siding and new roof. But we are finishing working more inside due to the weather is still very unsure. Inside it is warm and dry lol.

The new windows and some new framing. We have installed many windows and doors so as a family we made quick work of it. Most of the houses I have bought over the years,needed new windows so practice...practice.......:)

The winter of 2010 in our area was one for the books as far as cold and snow. We could not get back to our project which is 3 hours away for a long time due to the bad winter, 4+ feet of snow!! We worked my dh first vacation--the week of MLK and got the floor completely done,cold and long hours!

It is hard to see in the photo but we supported the roof while we did this as we had to remove a large section at a time. The window going in, I originally bought to take apart as it is the smallest picture window I have ever seen lol it could be taken apart to make 3 very small windows,which I was going to put in the bath in both of the MH--the other MH is beside this one. BUT it was so cute--and perfect for the kitchen as I was stumped --the other window I had for this spot was too big--it is now my favorite window. If you have an older MH replacing the windows is very easy and outside you can paint trim ==we used 1 x4 but you can use bigger to cover up where you cut to install. We are totally replacing the metal siding so we just covered up the wholes until it gets warmer.

We got back to work full time over Easter Break, we spent Good Friday and Sat,Sun(Easter) working--we had to make up time someway,my dh and I both work full time jobs plus our projects.

The plan was to replace the doors,first, then windows. The door had to come off due to we bought a full size tub--love it- a one piece and well it did not fit in the door. We replaced front door with French Doors and the back door with a regular off the shelf-- 32inch exterior door. With proper framing you can replace mh doors and windows with regular off the box store shelf doors and windows.


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